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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my site have a payment gateway?

Online payment system is the main condition of store sites. The store system has the ability to connect to direct banking portals such as Mellat, Meli and also to intermediate banking portals such as Zarin Pal. But in order to receive a payment gateway from the country's main banks or reputable companies, there is a series of administrative procedures.

How many days will the site be ready?

The duration of website design depends on the facilities and features you want. But the total time to set up the site is at least 5 working days.

Is the electronic symbol mandatory for the site?

If you sell a product or service on your site and it is necessary for the user to pay for it through a bank portal, you must obtain an electronic trust symbol through the symbol site.

After the delivery of the site, do you have support and how much does this support cost?

Yes, there is 12 months of free support on every site builder. If you want to renew after the free support period, you can contact us through our contact portal.

What is hosting and domain?

The host is actually a computer that is always on, on which the information of your site is accessible to your users 24/7. The amount of hosting space is directly related to the amount of information you want to put on your site. Buying a domain is the same as the site address. For example, the domain of our site is

What sites can be launched with WordPress?

Sites with the ability to sell and provide downloadable products.

Sites for image galleries or portfolios.

Educational sites with the ability to insert multimedia.

Sites with the possibility of booking ticket sales and doctor's office appointments.

Corporate sites for introduction, communication and even online sales.

Blog sites with the ability to post content by multiple users.

The possibility of creating an online store.

News and information sites.

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