Company website design

By designing a company website, you can display your products and services and introduce them to users. As a result, having complete facilities such as organizational chart, image gallery, newsletter for the company, timeline display, the possibility of creating multilingual sites, etc., the site can be completed efficiently.

Also, having a company website can help your company communicate with customers, provide services and products, increase brand recognition and improve online presence.

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Company site features

Introducing the company’s facilities and services

Ability to display company certificates

The possibility of inserting a newsletter for company announcements

Introducing the company’s facilities and services

Ability to insert employment form and resume

About and contact us pages, Google map display

Advanced survey

Show clock, date and religious times

Connecting to Telegram channel and Instagram page

The option to send the page to friends

Company image gallery

The possibility of displaying the organizational chart of the company

The possibility of introducing company members

The possibility of inserting the rules and regulations of the company

The possibility of displaying the site in another language

Site visit counter

Fully compatible with all browsers

Internal search engine of site content

Ability to send group (email newsletter)

SMS newsletter

company site features

In addition to the mentioned cases, the company website design must be responsive; That is, it should be displayed correctly on all screens. For this, read the article about Responsiveness. This issue became important when people’s use of mobile phones increased. Content production is one of the things that should be paid special attention to. The company must provide users with enough information to attract users to the site and improve the site’s ranking.

✔ High loading speed of pages to prevent pages from leaving

✔ Responsive site design

✔ The possibility of publishing content on pages and social networks

✔ High security of the site to prevent the site from being hacked

معرفی خدمات شرکت

Introducing the company's services

ثبت نام آنلاین کاربران

Online registration of users

چارت سازمانی شرکت

Organizational chart of the company

گالری تصاویر شرکت

Company image gallery

Enter the company's newsletter

معرفی اعضای شرکت

Introduction of company members

بینهایت دسته بندی

Infinite categories

تیکتینگ و پشتیبانی

Ticketing and support

فرم استخدام و رزومه

Employment form and resume

نمایش تاریخچه شرکت

Show company history

درج مقررات شرکت

Insert company regulations

درج مقررات شرکت

Cooperation form and resume

گواهینامه های شرکت

Company certificates

نمایش چندزبانه

Multilingual display

طراحی سئو محور

SEO-oriented design

Types of corporate sites

Medical website design

Clinic website design

Real estate website design

Construction site design

Architecture site design

Mechanical site design

Polymer and plastic site design

Agriculture site design

Pharmaceutical website design

Designing the website of an educational institution

Cosmetics website design

Legal website design

Product introduction site design

Grooming website design

Car repair shop website design

Birthday party website design

Shipping site design

Furniture and decoration website design

Artistic website design

Farsh website design

Gold and silver website design

Sports website design

Tourism website design

Gallery website design

Movie and music site design

Factory site design

Construction site design

Advertising website design

Car website design

Personal website design

Corporate website design price

The price of designing and building a corporate website depends on many different factors. From the level of server and host security to the content of the site and the elements used. In addition to that, the experience and portfolio of the designer company are also other factors that affect the final price of the project.

قیمت طراحی وب سایت شرکتی
امکانات عمومی سایت شرکتی

Company site features

As mentioned, the more features and capabilities of your company website, the more you will have to pay. So you must identify and install the features you need for your website

تجربه و سوابق شرکت طراح

The experience and records of the designer company

Whether your corporate website design is done by the best website design company or a regular freelancer has an effect on both the price and the final quality of your project, and a smart choice will definitely help you.

نوع cms سایت شرکتی

CMS type of company site

The use of free cms such as WordPress, etc. is naturally less expensive than designing a company website with a dedicated cms. The extent of your business and other infrastructure determine this factor.

طراحی واکنش گرا و ریسپانسیو

Responsive design

Usually, designing a cheap corporate website will leave you with problems such as not paying attention to reactivity. Your company site should be displayed optimally and standardly on all devices.

حجم هاست و نوع دامنه

Host sizes and domain types

The size and type of your domain affect the price of the project. So, try to get the hosting and domain you need by in-depth review and save money. Iranian and foreign domains have price differences.

سئو سایت شرکتی

Company website SEO

With the optimization and SEO of the corporate website, you are among the best in your field of work and among the rankings of the Google search engine. Therefore, there is a need to spend more.

Company website order steps
گام اول

step one

In order to order the design of a company website, and after communicating with our experts and holding consultation and business analysis sessions, the process of building and designing your store website will begin.

گام دوم

The second step

In the first step, after holding your business analysis meetings and deciding on the goals, after the website design project is approved by the client, the project employer pays 50% of the cost as an advance payment.

گام سوم

The third step

In the third step, your project will be started, after designing the interface and user experience, the content you need will be produced on the platform.

گام چهارم

The fourth step

In the fourth step, after the completion of infrastructure design and development, source code delivery, testing and numerous revisions, the client and the project employer must pay the remaining amount after the final platform test.

Advantages of company website design

بهبود بازاریابی و افزایش فروش

Improve marketing and increase sales

Designing a company website is an excellent opportunity to advertise your business. As a result, your customers will increase and have a huge impact on your sales.

افزایش اعتبار و برند سازی

Increasing credibility and branding

By designing a company website and following design principles, you can introduce your brand to virtual users and provide yourself with a certain credibility.

مقرون به صرفه بودن سایت​

The affordability of the site

Designing a website and online presence in social networks is very cost-effective, unlike print media, which costs a lot of money to update.

جذب مشتریان بیش تر

Attract more customers

You can design your corporate website according to your knowledge of customers to attract more people to your business.

توسعه بازار هدف

Target market development

By having a corporate website, you provide the basis for selling and offering products and developing your target market; As a result, your income will increase.

جمع آوری اطلاعات مفید

Collect useful information

One of the aspects of marketing is having information from customers. Building a company site with Google Analytics provides useful information about customers.

Frequently asked questions about corporate website design

Designing a corporate website takes 3 to 4 working days. Just register your order and after these few days, you will receive it from the company’s website with the most facilities.

It has completely free support for 12 months since the delivery of the site. If you request, after 12 months, the support of the company website will continue with a fee.

In company website design, you have full access to the management panel and you can define different accesses for people.

According to our rules, you first pay 50% of the cost of designing a company website, and after receiving the site, you pay the other 50%.

The management section of this corporate site builder is completely Farsi, and yet, for working with management, guide files have also been prepared, which will be sent to you in the site delivery email.