Why should I make a website to sell my products?

چرا برای فروش محصولاتم سایت بسازم؟

Creating a store site to sell your products has many advantages and benefits, some of which I will mention below:


  1. Access to a larger market: By building a website, you will not be limited by geographical restrictions. Customers from all over the world can access your website and buy your products. This allows you to make your target market bigger and wider. Of course, in this case, discussing SEO and site optimization will also help your site to be seen in search engines.
  2. Convenience and ease of purchase: Websites allow customers to view and purchase your products easily and whenever they want. They don’t need to be physically present in your shops and can use the internet. This allows you to provide services to customers who need to shop during non-working hours or do not know the exact time and place of shopping.
  3. Increase sales representatives: By building a website, you can increase your marketers and sales representatives. You can create cooperation programs with sales representatives and marketers, and these people can introduce your products to their customers and sell them for you.
  4. Better information and analysis: By having a website, you have access to information and data about your customers. Using website analytics tools, you can check information such as the number of website visitors, customer behavior, purchasing patterns, strengths and weaknesses of website pages, etc. This information helps you improve your marketing strategies, better reproduce products and improve the customer experience.
  5. Ability to compare and choose better: The website allows customers to compare your products with other competitors and make a better purchase decision. You can display product details and features in detail, post customer reviews about products, and provide additional features such as price and feature comparisons.
  6. Increasing customer trust: Having a professional and reliable website can increase customer trust in you and your products. By providing complete and accurate information about products, payment terms, return terms and customer service policies, customers can easily make a purchase decision and feel more confident about buying from you.
  7. Selling during off hours: A website allows you to sell your products during off hours. Customers can visit your website and make purchases whenever they want, even when you are not physically present. This allows you to increase your income and improve sales.
  8. Direct communication with customers: By building a website, you can communicate directly with your customers. You can put contact forms, email addresses, social networks and telephone consultation lines on the website and give customers the opportunity to ask and receive answers to their questions. This direct communication helps you to get customer feedback, understand their problems and needs and improve your service.
    For example, if you own a restaurant or cafe, you can have both online sales and a digital menu that can be scanned by designing a website for the restaurant and cafe.
  9. Build brand awareness: By building a professional website, you can increase your brand awareness. You can design your website in a way that is compatible with your brand identity and symbols. This will help you build your brand awareness in the minds of your customers and increase your competition with your competitors to attract customers.
  10. Reduce costs: Building a website to sell your products can help you reduce operating costs. Compared to physical stores, creating and maintaining a website is less expensive. You don’t need to rent commercial space, pay for sales force and fixed working hours. In addition, you can also reduce advertising and marketing costs because you can advertise more effectively and more effectively using digital methods such as online advertising and search engine optimization.
  11. Features of the online store: By building a sales website, you can offer online store facilities to your customers. You can enable online payment system so customers can pay by credit card or other methods. Also, you can provide shipping and delivery options for the products so that customers can easily get their products. Stronger competition: In today’s competitive business world, having an online store helps you to be more powerful against your competitors. With access to a larger market and the ability to compete with other brands, you can strengthen your competitive plan and attract more customers and increase sales by using appropriate strategies.
  12. Stronger competition: In today’s competitive business world, having a store website helps you to be stronger against your competitors. With access to a larger market and the ability to compete with other brands, you can strengthen your competitive plan and attract more customers and increase sales by using appropriate strategies.


In general, building a website to sell your products allows you to expand your target market, increase your sales and income, have more effective marketing, and communicate more directly and effectively with your customers. This powerful tool can help your business to be more successful in the digital age and get more profit from selling your products.

Therefore, having a company site is an important step for you that allows you to take your business to a higher level using the power of the Internet and digital methods. By creating an easy and convenient shopping experience for your customers and building strong brand recognition, you can grow and succeed.


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