Online store design

If your goal in designing an online shop is to enter the field of competition with competing sites and companies, if you are looking to create a new startup and business in the online world, then a dedicated online store site is definitely necessary for the success of your business. Sell your products offline and quickly by designing an online store.

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Why onlineshop design is important?!

Today, businesses have become very diverse, and as a result, with the increase of this diversity, the competitive environment of the market has increased more than before. You need wide advertising channels to reach this volume of contacts. One of the most optimal and fundamental solutions is website design. Having a website is a must in internet business.

However, nowadays, due to the trend of people towards smart phones, the existence of a suitable application for the growth of one’s business in the online platform is strongly felt. So it can be concluded that in a world where people spend most of their time on the Internet, having a dedicated website along with mobile application design is a great advantage.

In any field you are working in, you need a dedicated website design to be able to provide your services in the best way or to introduce your expertise and personal characteristics. Today, due to the expansion of the use of online services among people, to achieve success, it is necessary to have an effective activity in the Internet space.

Construction steps and key points in the online store

Aiming to create an online store

Determining your target market for what kind of users

Choosing a domain, hosting and implementing an online store

Placing store products with sufficient details and appropriate images

Identify your products

Certain business plan

Proper support and customer trust

Producing SEO-friendly content

Special facilities

What should be considered before designing an online shop?

Before starting to design an online shop, consider the following:

– Determining the purpose and type of store you want to create.

– Check your competitors and target market.

– Determining site requirements and capabilities, such as content management system, payment system, shopping cart, etc.

– Site structure design and page layout.

– Planning for user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.

– Preparation of content and photos that will be displayed on the site.

Online store website design

Special features of the online store

In the design of the online shop, our team, in addition to applying the main features of a store site, has also included some additional features. These features can be seen in the site’s special features and may not be available on other store sites. The user can make her site more advanced by using these special features. In the online store site designed by our team, the admin panel has been assigned more functions. These facilities have made the experience of working with the online store easier for both groups.

To build an online store

At the beginning, you should pay attention to a series of points. Observing these matters plays a significant role in your success and progress. By entrusting the construction of your online store to our team, all steps will be done in the best and fastest way possible, which will increase the profitability of your business.

Distinctive features of our team

✔ Special attention to (UI and UX)

✔ Zero to hundred exclusive coding

✔ Providing a compatible version with the phone

✔ Attention to SEO from the beginning of the design

✔ Support after delivery

Infinite development


Compatible with mobile

Product inventory

Advanced sales panel

Product feature

output of products

advanced search

Payment gateway connection

How to send

SMS system

Specification table

User profile

Order tracking

Advanced discount

Advanced filter

Ticket and support

Infinite categories

Image gallery

payment method


Ordering procedures

Professional invoice


Queuing system

Tax Calculation


Excel loading

Register offers

Price chart

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress system

Steps to order the onlineshop
گام اول

step one

In order to order the design of an online shop, and after communicating with our experts and holding consultation and business analysis sessions, the process of building and designing your store website will begin.

گام دوم

The second step

In the first step, after holding your business analysis meetings and deciding on the goals, after the website design project is approved by the client, the project employer pays 50% of the cost as an advance payment.

گام سوم

The third step

In the third step, your project will be started, after designing the interface and user experience, the content you need will be produced on the platform.

گام چهارم

The fourth step

In the fourth step, after the completion of infrastructure design and development, source code delivery, testing and numerous revisions, the client and the project employer must pay the remaining amount after the final platform test.

What tools or platforms can I use to design an onlineshop?

To design an online shop, you can use various tools and platforms. Some of the most popular tools and platforms include:

– WordPress with WooCommerce plugin: a content management system that allows building an online store.

Shopify: A complete e-commerce platform that enables you to quickly set up an online store.

Magento: a powerful and extensive platform for building and managing online stores.

PrestaShop: an open and free content management system for building an online store.

Joomla with VirtueMart plugin: a powerful content management system that provides store functionality with VirtueMart plugin.

Types of online shop

Online pet shop website design

Clinic website design

Business website design

Designing a site for selling coffee and equipment

Website design of fittings

Spare parts site design

Publishing site design

Home appliance website design

Kitchen website design

Electronic website design

Website design, design and printing

Maintenance site design

Product introduction site design

Medical equipment website design

Clothing website design

Carpet sales site design

Gold and silver sales site design

Sports equipment website design

Artistic website design

Toy site design

Audio visual site design

File sales site design

Game and console website design

Travel agency website design

Movie and music site design

Advertising website design

Mobile site design and accessories

Aynak website design

Car website design

Clothing and maison website design

Agriculture and horticulture site design

Flower and plant site design

Cosmetics website design

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Frequently asked questions about online shop design

It takes about 14 working days to set up a store website, but you can contact our team’s consultants to get detailed information about this.

To contact support, it is enough to contact us in the contact section or call the available phone numbers from the footer section.

WordPress content management system is used.

After launching your desired site, support will be available during office hours. Our team offers 1 year of free support.